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1ml Lip Filler

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Lip enhancement is one of the most popular non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments. When lip fillers are performed in a safe and natural way, they can help make the face look more youthful and restore shape to give a patient a more balanced and symmetrical look. 1ml of lip filler is great if you want to fill out the lips and desire a natural look. Here, we talk about how long 1ml of lip filler lasts, the benefits, and the procedure. 

Is 1ml of Lip Filler Enough?

The answer to this depends on the desired look you want. The amount of lip filler people get  often varies from 0.5ml of lip filler to 2/2.5ml, the larger amount would be over a few visits and not all In one sitting. People can get 0.4 ml in their top lip and 0.6ml in their bottom lip as the lower lips should always be slightly plumper for a natural lip fillers look. 1ml of lip filler is enough if you desire a fuller lip that looks natural. Luckily, a practitioner will talk to you about the kind of results you want, enabling you to make an informed decision about how much filler you would like. 

How Long Do 1ml Lip Fillers Last?

The amount of time lip filler lasts depends on the amount that is used during the treatment. Generally, higher volumes of filler last longer than when a smaller volume of filler is injected. 1ml lip filler is a smaller volume of filler, and it will normally produce results which last for around six to nine months. After that, you will need to have more lip filler to maintain your desired look.

The Benefits of 1ml Lip Fillers

There are many benefits to having 1ml of lip filler, from achieving a more youthful appearance to being able to gradually improve the appearance of your lips. Some benefits include:

A youthful appearance 

Fuller lips can make a person look and feel younger. The improvement to their appearance can also boost their self-esteem in different social situations and in their career. Lip fillers are also more long lasting than temporary enhancements like makeup. 

Natural lip fullness

If you want lip fillers but don’t want anyone to know you have had any procedure, then 1ml of lip filler is perfect for you. The results are often subtle and entirely natural looking, which means fuller, plumper lips with a natural outcome. 

Gradual progression

For people wanting to try lip fillers for the first time, having 1ml lip fillers is a great way to start the process. In the days following the procedure, after recovery, you will see gradual results that can make a huge difference to the shape and appearance of your lips and whole face. You might decide to add a little more lip filler next time or you may be happy to have a maintenance dose when needed. 

How Long is Recovery Time After Getting 1ml Lip Fillers?

After 12 to 24 hours any tenderness you feel around the lip area should go away. Any swelling should reduce within 48 hours, but it may take up to a week in some cases. If you want your lip treatment done before a special event, like a wedding, you should get the procedure done at least two weeks before. This will enable you to fully heal. 

Get 1ml Lip Fillers With Us 

Whether you want to book a lip fillers consultation or just a chat to learn more about the treatments we offer, the procedure and cost, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. A full quote for 1ml of lip fillers will be given at the consultation before treatment begins providing you with full control over the costs involved beforehand.


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