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If you live in or around Liverpool and are looking for professional non-surgical cosmetic facial rejuvenation, Dr Hennessy’s Aesthetics experts can assist. We cover locations across the North West of England, including Botox Birkdale, Botox Preston and Botox Southport. Our clinics offer specialty Botox treatment with a natural finish that is tailored to suit each individual.

Botox Liverpool FAQs

What is Botulinum Toxin Type A?

Botulinum toxin type A is the scientific term for the cosmetic treatment Botox.

Botulinum, often known as botox, is a naturally occurring protein that acts on nerve endings to limit the function of these nerves and, as a result, the muscles they supply. It lowers the power of the facial muscles that generate the tell-tale lines that come with ageing when used cosmetically. Frown lines, crows’ feet on the sides of the eyes, and forehead lines that run across the forehead are the most prominent areas of the face.

Is Botox Liverpool safe?

Safety is our priority in all of our clinics. We have expert knowledge in the field, providing thoroughly researched and safe cosmetic procedures. Botox, Bocouture and Azzalure have been used safely in a variety of medical conditions, including cerebral palsy, for over 40 years. Allergic responses and effects on muscles other than those being treated are extremely rare. The dermal fillers we use in our clinic are market leaders, and established as extremely safe and reliable products within the industry and in our 20+ years we ourselves have seen no serious side effects to date. 

How long does it last?

All anti-wrinkle injections have a temporary effect that lasts 3-4 months. Then the lines will begin to emerge as muscle function restores, to keep this at bay you will need to be re-treated when areas of movement reappear. All the toxin injected is just naturally broken down by the body’s immune system. 

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