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If you reside in Southport or the nearby regions and seek Lip Fillers Southport, Dr. Hennessy, a specialist in non-surgical cosmetic facial rejuvenation, is available to help. Our clinics are conveniently situated throughout the North West of England, providing personalised Lip Filler treatments for each individual.

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Lip Fillers Southport FAQs

How much should lip filler cost UK?

The cost of lip fillers in the UK varies, but on average, it can range from £200 to £1,000 per treatment. Factors influencing the price include the clinic’s location, the experience of the practitioner, and the type and amount of filler used. At our clinics our lip filler treatments start from £280, it is always important to consult with us beforehand, as treatment prices may vary.

What does 1ml of lip filler look like?

One millilitre of lip filler typically equates to a small volume, roughly equivalent to a fifth of a teaspoon. The visual impact may vary based on individual anatomy and desired results. Generally, it provides subtle enhancement, adding plumpness and definition to the lips without appearing overly dramatic. 

Book a consultation with us today to discuss your specific goals and determine the appropriate amount for a natural and personalised outcome.

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