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Welcome to Dr Hennessy Aesthetics

Dr Hennessy Clinics are experts in non-surgical cosmetic treatments designed to enhance, rejuvenate and restore the face to achieve a more ‘natural’ and balanced look. Our ethos is to provide safe and effective treatments using proven products administered by medical professionals. We have botox clinics across the North West of England in the Preston, Southport and Liverpool areas. 

All of our treatments are carried out by Dr Stephen Hennessy BDS and Dr Sarah Hills, who are highly specialised in non-surgical cosmetic procedures with Dr Hennessy having 22 years experience in the industry. We endeavour to provide the best possible service by remaining up to date with all the latest treatments and techniques to provide our patients with the best results.


Jawline Filler

This treatment helps to create a more defined jawline and balanced face shape.

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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a facial injection which involves adding volume to the face delivering natural looking results.

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Lip Fillers

This treatment is used to add volume to your lips and enhance or correct their shape.

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Botox Treatment

A facial injection which relaxes the facial muscles, smoothing out wrinkles and crease lines to create a more youthful look.

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Facial Rejuvenation

This treatment is used to add volume to your face to reduce the tell tale signs of aging caused by sagging skin.

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Cheek Filler

This treatment involves injecting filler to the cheek area which will add volume and definition.

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Non Surgical Nose Job

This treatment involves injecting dermal filler into specific areas of the nose to smooth out bumps, straighten the bridge or enhance its tip.

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Tear Trough Filler

The tear trough is the groove between the cheek and the lower eyelid. This hollowness develops when there is a

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Skin Boosters

Skin Boosters are an injectable designed to hydrate the skin from within, and are often used to reduce the signs

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About Dr Hennessy

Here at the Dr Hennessy Clinic, we provide a wide range of aesthetic treatments including Botox, dermal fillers and facial rejuvenation. As well as offering a wide range of treatments, we specialise in a variety of procedures that are tailored to each patient’s needs to enhance their facial features in a “natural” way. The Dr Hennessy clinic places a high priority on injecting safely and with medical knowledge, using tested products, as well as providing treatments that seem natural and improve patients’ facial features.

Since 2000 Dr Hennessy BDS has performed thousands of treatments to enhance and rejuvenate his patient’s appearance, which also improved our patient’s confidence and self-esteem. All of our clients benefit from these years of experience and Dr Hennessy’s professional qualifications in advanced Botulinum treatments and dermal filler procedures.

Dr Stephen Hennessy, a specialist in aesthetics, is well known for his expertise in non-surgical cosmetic facial rejuvenation. Because he specialises in cosmetic dentistry, he can guarantee patients’ competence and professionalism by drawing on his extensive facial knowledge and expertise. This inspired him to create a novel dermal filler technique that bears his name: “The Hennessy Lift.” 

Dr Hennessy’s Botox Clinics are well known across the North West for their experience and knowledge when it comes to Botox, Dermal Fillers and Lip Fillers. All practitioners follow a strict code of ethics and confidentiality, as well as adhering to strict safety procedures and importantly, are medically trained.

Dr Stephen Hennessy BDS and Dr Sarah Hills personally administer each treatment at the Dr Hennessy Clinic. Both professionals have years of expertise in injecting Botox and dermal fillers and are very adept in their field. To provide our patients with the finest results, we work hard to deliver the best service by staying current with all the most effective procedures and techniques.

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Dr Hennessy's Cosmetic Clinic

“Fab fab fab!”

Amazing!!!! Never had Botox before, I’ve got some serious frown lines going on, I wanted them gone before my wedding day, I saw Dr Hennessy, it was completely painless and I’m already seeing the effects after 24hrs. Fab fab fab!

Dr Hennessy's Cosmetic Clinic

“Fantastic job from start to finish”

I have just had my lips done for the first time ever (aged 44) and I can say Dr Hennessy was the most calm and reassuring gent ever. His staff were absolutely lovely and did a fantastic job from start to finish! We even had a laugh during the treatment.

I would highly recommend this practice and I know I’ll definitely be going back. Thank you.

Dr Hennessy's Cosmetic Clinic

“Absolutely world class”

Absolutely world class. Dr Hennessey and his team are all so lovely and friendly. They made me feel so relaxed. I would highly recommend seeing Dr Hennessey in the near future. Thank you so much for my Botox and lip enhancement. I already feel like a new woman and cannot praise you enough. Outstanding.

Dr Hennessy's Cosmetic Clinic

“I always walk out of his surgery smiling”

Dr Hennessy is brilliant. He knows exactly what people want, if you have your mind set on one thing he will tell you if it will look right or not. I always walk out of his surgery smiling, and can’t wait to go back

Thank you Dr Hennessy and all your staff.

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