Cheek Filler

To help to ‘lift’ the face, enhance cheekbone definition and subtly soften the nose to mouth lines.

If you feel that you have lost volume in your face or you would like a more contoured look, cheek filler might be worth considering. This treatment involves injecting filler to the cheek area which will add volume and definition. It can also help to ‘lift’ the face and subtly soften the nose to mouth lines.

Here at Dr Hennessy’s Clinic we only use premium filler products such as Restylane, which gives a smoother appearance and has longer lasting results. Theses products can not only be used to achieve a structured high cheekbone but they also help with the hollowness that can appear in the mid cheek area, commonly known as the apple of the cheeks.

How long does the cheek filler last?

Cheek fillers, such as hyaluronic acid-based ones, typically last anywhere from 6 months to 18 months. The duration varies based on factors like the type of filler used, individual metabolism, and lifestyle. Factors like sun exposure, smoking, and genetics can also influence the longevity of the results. It’s essential to consult with Dr Hennessy himself to determine the best filler for your goals and get personalized information on how long you can expect your cheek filler to last.

What is the cheek filler procedure?

After your initial consultation, Dr Hennessy and his team will clean the area to be treated, mark up the injection sites and start the procedure. This will take no longer than 20-30 minutes.

There is generally no down time with cheek enhancement treatments. As with all injections, you do have a chance of bruising so we do advise that you leave a good two or three weeks between treatment and any special occasions you may have.

If you have any questions about our cheek filler treatment, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Book your free consultation now. 


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