Tear Trough Filler

Add more volume beneath the eyes with tear trough filler

The tear trough is the groove between the cheek and the lower eyelid. This hollowness develops when there is a decrease in volume in this area, which typically happens with age or as a result of weight loss. 

What is the tear trough filler procedure?

This non-surgical treatment includes injecting dermal fillers into the tear trough area. Tear trough filler adds volume underneath the eyes, with the aim to reduce any hollowness that may have formed. Adding this volume beneath the eyes will help make the skin look fuller and minimise fine lines, resulting in facial rejuvenation.  

Before going ahead with the treatment, your practitioner will assess the area in order to determine the amount of filler that needs to be used in order to achieve the desired look. Your practitioner will then go ahead and gradually inject the filler into the tear trough, reaching the areas beneath the skin safely. After your tear trough filler treatment, the under-eye area will look smoother and restored. 

Is tear trough filler safe?

All dermal filler products used at the Dr Hennessy Clinics are premium products, safe and have been used by medical professionals for many years. Here at Dr Hennessy Clinics, your safety is our biggest concern, you can always book your treatments with confidence, as we only employ the most qualified medically trained practitioners. 

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