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Natural Lip Fillers

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Lip filler is a non-surgical procedure that helps to enhance your lips through the use of a series of painless injections. Just because you have decided to go for natural lip fillers it does not necessarily mean you have to have less filler. No matter the size of your lips, Dr Hennessy will keep them in proportion to your facial features, giving you an enhanced lip size and shape.

Natural Lip Fillers FAQs  

Can I have plumper lips that still look natural?

The answer to this is yes. You can achieve plump and full natural lip fillers without the filler migrating outside the body of the lip and looking over filled or distorted. Experience and medical knowledge allows the practitioners at Dr Hennessy’s Clinics to have an expertise of the lip area. There are several different techniques that can be used to achieve the perfect look. Dr Hennessy always offers consultations to discuss your needs. These give you the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have and better understand the treatment. Take a look at our Instagram page for examples of our natural lip fillers @drhennessycosmetic

What are the main causes of filler migration?

Filler migration is when the filler spreads or migrates to another area surrounding the injection site. Filler migration happens due to poor injection technique, meaning that the filler may not have been placed in the lips correctly. Having your lips overfilled is also a cause of filler migration. Seeking treatment from unprofessional practitioners who may not be fully trained or qualified can be another cause of this. This is the primary reason why Dr Hennessy only employs and trains individuals who have a medical background such as Doctors, Dentists and Nurses. 

What are the signs of filler migration?

– Puffy upper lip 
– Lack of definition, particularly along cupids bow
– Lumps and bumps that create misshapen lips 

How can you prevent filler migration?

Choosing an experienced, reputable practitioner like Dr Hennessy who is trusted and well known in the industry is the first step in preventing filler migration. This is because a reputable clinic will have the knowledge and experience to administer fillers correctly using the best technique to achieve your desired results. 

What to do if you think your filler has migrated 

If you feel that your filler has migrated, or if you feel any discomfort, seek advice from a trusted practitioner, they may offer you the option to dissolve your dermal fillers with a solution called Hyaluronidase. This solution breaks down the filler, once the filler has broken down you will be able to have the area retreated if you so wish to help achieve your desired results. There will be a break time between dissolving and re-filling but this can be discussed at a consultation level. 

Reasons for using Dr Hennessy for your natural lip fillers 

Dr Hennessy has been offering natural lip fillers, lip enhancement and lip correction since 2000 and in that time he has been personally trained by the first trailblazers in the aesthetic business. Dr Hennessy first started training other medics in 2005 and his knowledge of all non-surgical procedures has grown to him training for market leaders Galderma. Staff at Dr Hennessy Clinics are committed to ensure that every client is informed about all procedures before any treatment commences.

You can also discover the benefits of lip fillers and the benefits of dermal fillers here today.


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