Lip Fillers Administered By Professionals

Dr Hennessy offers lip fillers at our Preston or Southport clinic, delivered personally by one of our highly experienced cosmetic Doctors; each with decades of experience to ensure that you experience the best service that medical aesthetics has to offer.

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Lip enhancement is one of the most popular non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments and has particularly taken off in the last 10 years, with many clients seeing them as a great value way of accentuating their natural beauty.

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    What is the procedure?

    The first part of any aesthetic procedure is a one-to-one medical consultation between the medical professional performing the procedure, and the client. Within this consultation we will discuss needs and expectations to ensure that you, the client, have a complete understanding of the process; and to allay any thoughts or concerns that you may have.

    The procedure itself is performed using a dental block, administered by any of our medical professionals due to their lengthy experience as dentists. The use of a dental block ensures an entirely painless procedure. Alongside the use of premium, prescription-only products, all naturally containing a numbing agent; we guarantee a seamlessly professional and enjoyable experience that typically takes around 30 minutes. Although this can vary from client to client.


    As with any needle-based treatment, it is typical for the area to appear red and swollen. This, alongside any expected minor bruising, will settle down after a few days; leaving you with the desired look. During the consultation process, and again after the treatment, you will be advised on best practices to minimise any side effects and ensure the best results possible.


    Any possibility of risks or reactions will be covered comprehensively in any consultation with our medical professionals. We only use the safest and most effective filler and have over 20 years of experience in medical aesthetics to ensure that overfilled and lumpy lips aren’t a possibility.

    If this is your first visit to one of our clinics, our nurses will follow up with you two weeks after treatment, to run through a brief checklist and answer any questions you may have. We also provide a direct number for all clients, to provide instant medical support in the face of any concerns.

    Costs and further information

    If you would like to book a lip fillers consultation, or just an informal chat to learn more about the treatments we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

    Our Lip enhancement and lip correction treatments start from £200, you can view our price list on the site. A full quote will be given at the consultation before treatment begins providing the client with all the information about costs beforehand.

    Dr Hennessy's Cosmetic Clinic

    “Fab fab fab!”

    Dr Hennessy's Cosmetic Clinic

    “Can’t recommend enough!”

    Dr Hennessy's Cosmetic Clinic

    “I always walk out of his surgery smiling”

    Dr Hennessy's Cosmetic Clinic

    “Absolutely world class”

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