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The Benefits Of Dermal Fillers

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As we age, our skin becomes less elastic, which will most likely lead to our fine lines and wrinkles becoming more visible. Luckily, this can be reduced through the use of dermal fillers, as they help to add volume and plumpness to the skin once again. In this article, we will discuss all the great benefits of dermal fillers.

Immediate Results

One of the greatest benefits of dermal fillers is that, unlike other cosmetic enhancements, you will see immediate results after your dermal filler treatment. Not only will you be provided with immediate results, but dermal filler treatments also have little to no downtime. You will not have to take too much time out of your day to have any dermal filler treatments. Dermal fillers can have side effects such as minor bruising and swelling, and you must only go to a healthcare professional to have these procedures done. After your dermal filler injections, you can go about your normal daily activities immediately. 

Decreases Signs Of Aging

Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component of the skin and this is what helps to plump the skin out and therefore help the signs of ageing. Dermal fillers are placed into the area of the skin where fine lines, wrinkles and any sagging skin might occur to help add volume. You will find that your skin looks more youthful and your skin will look smoother, tighter and rejuvenated. This is one of the benefits of dermal fillers that attracts people to these treatments, as it makes a person feel like their younger self.

Adds Volume and Plumpness

As we age the fat pads in our face slowly diminish and move downwards. Dermal fillers replace this loss and restore the volume to certain areas. Lip fillers have become a very popular dermal fillers treatment over the year for people who feel that they have thin lips, dermal fillers are a great way to target this issue, by adding hydration and plumpness.

Natural Looking Results 

If you choose the right practitioner for your dermal fillers, like Dr Hennessy, then you will achieve your desired results that are still natural looking. After describing the results you would like from your treatment, your practitioner will take you through your dermal filler options. The great thing about dermal fillers is that they are completely customisable, this will always be based on your face, your desired look and the amount of filler you want to go ahead with. 

Dermal Fillers with Dr Hennessy

The benefits of dermal fillers are endless, they can make a person feel youthful and rejuvenated. If you would like to discuss any of our dermal filler treatments with us please feel free to contact us on 01772 774297, alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form. We offer a wide variety of dermal filler treatments such as lip fillers, tear trough filler and cheek filler. We are always more than happy to discuss your dermal filler needs, book a free consultation today.


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