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Crows Feet Botox

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The term ‘crows feet’ refers to the little wrinkles that can be found beside the corner of your eyes; they tend to appear when you move certain areas of your face. Your eyes are the first place to show signs of ageing, as your skin is much thinner and delicate around the eyes. An effective solution to reducing these lines is crows feet Botox, this treatment can create a more youthful appearance which will rejuvenate your entire face.

What to expect when having crows feet Botox

To treat this area, three tiny injections of Botox will be injected into your face on either side of the eye. The Botox will be injected with a very fine needle, so you don’t need to worry about experiencing much pain or discomfort. Since it is only a small area of the face being injected, the treatment will be quick with little to no downtime. 

Crows feet Botox will take a few days tbefore the movement stops, and then the results can be seen after about two weeks and tend to last around three months. However, if you have not had this treatment before and are over the age of 40, you may have to wait up to 6 weeks to see the lines softening. If you have particularly harsh lines, you may need the area retreating sooner than usual as more Botox may be required to soften these lines. 

Why you should consider crows feet Botox 

Botox injections have been used for many years, here’s how crows feet Botox injections could benefit you: 

  • Eliminates fine lines and reduces wrinkles 
  • Crows feet Botox can also help to reduce those longer lines that go round to the cheeks
  • Helps to smooth the skin
  • Gives your face a younger appearance
  • Can boost your confidence 

Crows feet Botox aftercare 

As this Botox treatment can take a few days to show results, it is important to not vigorously rub this area after your treatment. This includes having no beauty facial treatments 24hours following your treatment. We also recommend avoiding any vigorous exercises where you may rub sweat from your face. 

It is important to avoid these certain activities so that the Botox is not accidently moved to another area of the face. 

Why do patients choose Dr Hennessy for crows feet Botox

  • Dr Hennessy only employs the most qualified and experienced practitioners, with a medical background. 
  • All Dr Hennessy clinics are safe, with top of the range facilities and equipment.
  • At Dr Hennessy all patients are well looked after, to ensure comfortable procedures. Making all patients feel welcome and your visit unforgettable.

Get in touch today to book a free consultation with one of your practitioners, please fill out our online form or call us. We also provide other Botox treatments such as Gummy Smile Botox and Masseter Botox Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.


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