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Botox In Your 50s: Everything you need to Know

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You might get to the age of 50 and start to consider aesthetic treatments, Botox in your 50s is a common way to keep your face looking refreshed and rejuvenated. As we age fine lines and wrinkles become more prominent and pronounced, especially more with women at this age, this can be due to menopause as it makes your skin more susceptible to wrinkles. 

Botox causes the facial muscles to become temporarily paralysed, which prevents the muscle from contracting properly, and prevents wrinkles and fine lines. If you are aged between 30-50 your facial muscles tend to be strong enough to have Botox injections and for them to be effective. Having Botox in your 50s is always a good idea, as when you get to the age of 65 and above, the facial muscles tone might end up being too weak to achieve your desired results. 

People in their 50s who end up going ahead with Botox treatments might find that their treatment is combined with dermal filler treatments. The Dermal filler will help lift and tighten certain areas of the face such as the jawline and the cheek area, which will help treat the loss of any volume in the face.

However, you must always consider that even if you have Botox in your 50s, this does not always mean that you will have zero wrinkles. If you decide to have Botox in your 50s then this will simply help to soften any fine lines and wrinkles, keeping a more natural and youthful appearance. 

What areas of the face can be treated with Botox in your 50s?

There are a number of different areas of the face where wrinkles and fine lines can be softened through the use of Botox treatments. The different Botox treatments you can receive are:

You should always discuss with your practitioner which treatments are suited best for you before going ahead with your Botox injections. 

Why you should choose Dr Hennessy for your Botox in your 50s

Here at our clinics Dr Hennesy only employs the most experienced and qualified practitioners, this is to ensure that all our clients come away with their desired outcomes. Having Botox in your 50s can seem like a daunting thing but here at Dr Hennessy’s clinics, we have top-of-the-line facilities and equipment, to ensure that all our clients are safe. All Botox procedures are carried out by Dr Stephen Hennessy BDS himself, who is a cosmetic facial rejuvenation specialist. 

Please feel free to get in touch with us today to discuss any of our treatments, you can also book a consultation where we will talk you through your treatment options. 


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